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Video Devices Pix E5 - 5" Portable HDSDI/HDMI LCD Monitor/Recorder Kit - AUD 125 / day
1080p HD screen - 1920 by 1080 pixels - Lightweight handheld or camera mountable monitor. Super sharp, bright (500 nits) monitor/recorder, powered from Sony L-series batteries, AC power or D-tap. Records to various Apple ProRes formats up to Ultra HD (4K). SDI input and loop through. HDMI input and loop through. Onboard cross conversion from HDSDI to HDMI and from HDMI to HDSDI. HD output only. Touch screen zoom function for fast on screen focus checks.
Kit Includes:
1 x 500GB Speed Drive
1 x 250GB Speed Drive
6 X Sony NP-F550 L Series Batteries
Dual battery charger
Pix-E5 Hood
Manfrotto 482 Ball head w cold shoe for on camera mounting
1m BNC - BNC cable
1m HDMI - HDMI Cable
0.5m D-tap cable
120/240V AC Power adapter
Panasonic 21.5" HD-SDI/HDMI LCD Monitor Kit (Model: BT-LH2170) - AUD 140 / day
Industry standard client viewing monitor. 1080p HD screen - 1920 by 1080 pixels, waveform, focus check, dual camera input and display etc
Kit Includes:
FSI Carry case with Integrated Hood
Matthews tilt and swivel VESA stand mount
5m - BNC - BNC - HDSDI cable
V-Mount Battery plate for 12V powering
V-Mount batteries (95 w/h) available at $10/day ea
c-stand available at
Small HD DP6 SDI - 6" Portable HD LCD Monitor - AUD 40 / day
True HD 1280 by 720 pixels - Great camera mountable focus puller monitor or small client or director monitor. SDI input and loop through. HDMI input. Battery or mains powered.
Also Includes:

4 X Canon LP-E6 Batteries and charger
Small HD DP6 Hood
1m HDSDI - BNC to BNC cable
120/240V AC Power adapter
Small HD DP4 EVF 4" Portable LCD Monitor/Viewfinder - AUD 30 / day
Lightweight compact 4" monitor with viewfinder attachment. Use as on camera viewfinder or remove viewfinder and use as compact lightweight monitor. Works well with Epic camera as EVF option when combined with Solid camera works viewfinder bracket (part of Epic Kit) Battery or mains powered. HDMI Input and passthrough. Audio monitoring of HDMI stream via mini-jack output.
2 X Canon LP-E6 Batteries (5d/7d batteries) and charger
.5m HDMI-m to HDMI-m cable
.3m HDMI-m to mini HDMI-m cable
Paralinx Arrow Plus 1:2 - wireless HD video transmitter/receiver kit - AUD 100 / day (for 1 TX and 2 RX)
AUD 80 / day (for 1 TX and 1 RX)
1 X Transmitter (TX) and 2 X receiver (RX), HDMI based, wireless video kit. Small, compact, powers off included USB or USB to D-Tap cables. Paralinx Crossbow available and included for SDI only cameras.
Extra Cables
25m BNC - BNC Video Cable - AUD 10 / day
5m BNC - BNC Video Cable - AUD 5 / Day

Black Magic Mini Converter - HDMI Input to HDSDI Output - AUD 20 / day
Inputs: 1 X HDMI, 2X 1/4" analogue or AES/EBU audio
Outputs: 2X HDSDI

Black Magic Mini Converter - SDI* input to Analogue (component, s-video or composite) Output - AUD 20 / day
Inputs: 1X SDI, 1X Alt SDI
Outputs: Y or NTSC/Pal, B-Y or S-Video Y, R-Y or S-Video C, 2X 1/4" analogue or AES/EBU audio

Paralinx Crossbow - HDSDI Input to HDMI Output - AUD 20 / day
Inputs: 1X HDSDI
Outputs: HDMI, 5V DC Out via standard size USB

^ All video converters include 100-250V AC power adapters and a D-tap DC cable option for powering off 12V sources.

All prices exclude GST