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OConnor O-Box Mattebox Kit - AUD 50 / day

This sturdy Mattebox set-up is designed for mounting on 15mm LW (60mm spaced) rod configuration. It is officially a 3-stage Mattebox with 2 by 4"x 5.65" stages and a 138mm round stage in the bellows attachment. A 4.5" round filter can also be mounted when using the bellows attachment, so depending on the lens front being accommodated and the chosen filter stack, up to 4 different filters can be fitted at once.

Includes: Top Flag, 2 X Side Flag, Rear Bellows Attachment (150mm-114mm step-down), 114-80mm step-down, 114-95mm step-down, 2 X 4"x4" Filter Trays, 2 X 4"x5.65" Filter Trays, various rubber donuts
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Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom - Ultra-lightweight Clamp-on Mattebox - AUD 40 / day
This ultra lightweight, 2 stage, clamp-on matte box accommodates 4"X5.65" filters or 4"X4" filters. Without shade this matte box weighs just 98g and with shade 195g. It fits onto 114mm lens fronts or 110mm and 80mm lens front with the included lens front adapters. It is perfect for gimbal or steadicam usage where the lightest, simplest matte box option is desired.

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Neutral Density:
4x5.65" Formatt Firecrest IRND .3 - AUD 30 / day
4x5.65" Formatt Firecrest IRND .6 - AUD 30 / day
4x5.65" Formatt Firecrest IRND .9 - AUD 30 / day
4x5.65" Formatt Firecrest IRND 1.2 - AUD 30 / day
4x5.65" Formatt Firecrest IRND 1.5 - AUD 30 / day
4x5.65" Formatt Firecrest IRND 1.8 - AUD 30 / day
4x5.65" Formatt Firecrest IRND (.3, .6, .9) - Three filter package - AUD 75 / day
4x5.65" Formatt Firecrest IRND (1.2, 1.5, 1.8) - Three filter package - AUD 75 / day
4x5.65" Formatt Firecrest IRND (.3, .6, .9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8) - Six filter package - AUD 120 / day

4x5.65" Schneider ND.3 - AUD 20 / day
4x5.65" Schneider ND.6 - AUD 20 / day
4x5.65" Schneider ND.9 - AUD 20 / day
4x5.65" Schneider ND (.3,.6,.9) - Three filter package - AUD 45 / day

4"x4" Schneider ND.6 - AUD 15 / day
77mm Schneider ND.6 - AUD 10 / day

4x5.65" Formatt Optical Flat - AUD 15 / day

4.5" Round Tiffen Polarizer - AUD 20 / day
4.5" Round Schneider True-pol Polarizer - AUD 20 / day
77mm Schneider Circular Polarizer - AUD 15 / day
105mm (screw in for Canon CN-E lenses) Format Firecrest Circular Polarizer - AUD 20 / day

Low Con:
4.5" Round Tiffen Low Con 1- AUD 15 / day
4.5" Round Tiffen Low Con 2 - AUD 15 / day
4"x4" Tiffen Low Con 1/4 - AUD 15 / day

4" x 4" Schneider Classic Soft 1/8 - AUD 15 / day
4" x 4" Schneider Classic Soft 1/4 - AUD 15 / day
4"x4" Schneider HD Classic Soft 1 (same as Classic Soft 1/2) - AUD 15 / day
4" x 4" Schneider Classic Soft 1 - AUD 15 / day
4" x 4" Schneider Classic Soft Kit - (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1) - AUD 50 / day
105mm Schneider Classic Soft 1/4 - AUD 15 / day
4.5" Round Tiffen Soft FX 1 - AUD 15 / day
Universal Lens Support (Element Technica) for 15mm Lightweight Spacing - AUD 15 / day
The Element Technica 15mm Lightweight (60mm rod spacing) Lens Support is a bridging device that straddles both bridgeplate mounted iris rods in order to mechanically support heavy lenses. The Lens Support is designed to be used in 15mm Lightweight configurations.The 15mm Lightweight Lens Support was developed as a universal, quick-release component which does not require tools to install, a simple cam lever is used to lock and unlock, nor does it require removing the matte box or lens drives in order to add to the iris rods.It comes with a 1/4″-20 thumbscrew tie-down screw and a 3/8″-16 reducer in order to accommodate all available lens configurations. This lens support works well with the Canon EF 70-200mm lens, utilising the lens' built on support collar.
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Lens Support for Arri 15mm Studio Spacing - AUD 10 / day
This item slides on and is fastened to 15mm rods in Arri studio spec rod spacing (100mm). Unlike the ET Universal lens support above, it is not quick release and other rod mounted accessories may need to be removed to add or remove it.

Remote Focus
Heden Carat - Lens control kit
- AUD 150 / day
Single axis - Focus or Iris - Compact, Lightweight lens control system with no noticeable latency and up to a 1km range.
Includes: High torque, lightweight, Heden M21VE-L motor, 15mm or 19mm rod mounting capability, D-tap and 2 pin lemo (Red quick plate or Arri Alexa)12V powering options for on camera receiver, Red Epic/Scarlet/Dragon Run/Stop cable (low profile lemo to lemo cable option ideal for gimbals and reduced cable clutter), Arri Alexa Run/Stop Cable, 3 X marking discs and .8 (cine std), .6, .5, and .4 lens gear options. Transmitter hand unit features a 1/4" 20 female socket for mounting to 'noga' style arms and is small and light enough to be mounted on a gimbal top bar or handlebar rig for single operator remote focus control.
Downloadable Instruction manual available here
Modular Follow Focus
Oconnor CFF-1 Studio Follow Focus Kit - AUD 75 / day
A dual sided modular unit that can mount on 19mm or 15mm studio set-ups, or 15mm lightweight rod configurations. Low Profile design is ideal for large barrel diameter lenses. The gearbox ratio is optimised for longer throw cine lenses.
Kit includes: 2 focus knobs, 4 gears options plus extra wide for lenses that travel,15mm/19mm studio rod bridge, 15mm LW rod bridge, 11 white marking discs, 1 glow in the dark marking disc, 2 X focus knob extensions and pelican case with custom foam.
Lightweight Follow Focus
Chrosziel Studio DV Follow Focus Unit
(15mm LW spacing, 0.8 lens gear - Model 206-01-S) - AUD 35 / day
A Lightweight but sturdy unit that mounts on 15mm light weight (60mm spacing) rod configurations. The gear box on this follow focus is optimised for stills lenses.
Shoot 35 CINEFocus R3 Follow Focus Unit - AUD 40 / day
Featuring a quick release mount for 15mm light weight (60mm spacing) rod configurations and dual sided operation. The gearing on this follow focus is optimised for pulling focus with stills lenses. A unique feature is its reversible gearbox, allowing Nikon manual focus stills lenses to pull focus in the direction as standard cine and Canon stills lenses.
Veydra 1.2X PL - PL Expander - AUD 100/day
- PL to PL mount only - not compatible w EF mount
- only 1/2 stop light loss
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- more info here
15mm lightweight to 15mm studio adapter - Wooden camera brand - AUD 5 / day
This useful adapter allows 15mm lightweight accessories (60mm) such as matte box and follow focus to be mounted on 15mm studio spaced rods, to maintain the correct spacing to lens as if they were mounted on 15mm LW.
Duclos Reverse Gear - AUD 15 / day
The reverse gear allows cinevised Nikon stills lens to pull in the same direction as cine or Canon stills lenses and can be fitted to 15mm or 19mm rods.
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